Net Zero

Mick Daley SHEQ Manager

‘It’s a green thing’ is all about how we plan to achieve Net Zero at BPL.

What is Net Zero?

Net Zero means cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible with the aim to slow climate change. BPL is working with our local council to help achieve their Net Zero target by 2040. We have already made lots of energy-saving changes across all of our venues that are helping us to operate with lower emissions such as replacing coal boilers, adding low-flow shower heads and changing to more efficient LED Lighting. We are always looking towards investing in the next green innovation at our sites with the aim of helping us achieve Net Zero.

It’s really good for us all.

We focus on the five areas below to make the biggest impact.






Here’s how we do our bit so that we can all feel good about operating more efficiently within our local communities.

We can achieve more if we work together

Use what you need

We’re all about enjoying a catch-up over a cuppa, and we encourage our staff to boil just enough water for their brew. By doing so, we collectively save enough energy in a year to power the UK’s street lights for nearly seven months.

We all deserve a rest

Office equipment does too! So when we’re not using it, we shut it down. A PC monitor left on overnight can waste enough electricity to laser print over 500 pages.

Be bright, turn off the light

Regardless of department size, our staff make it a habit to turn off lights when they’re not in use. Even our smallest departments can save over £1,000 each year simply by ensuring lights are not left on overnight.

Take a Hike, or bike?

Many of our staff members enjoy walking or cycling to work, and to support them, we provide cycle lockers at most of our venues. Additionally, we run a Cycle to Work scheme, which not only promotes a healthier lifestyle but also takes care of our staff’s wellbeing.

Tighten the taps

We continuously assess our venues throughout the year, prioritizing efficiency at every level, from large-scale improvements to even the smallest details like fixing a dripping tap. Did you know, a dripping tap can waste up to 5,550 litres of water per year? That’s enough to fill a small pool!

Don’t pile it up

To save our delicious food heading to landfill we train our catering staff on the right portion sizes. It’s important we get this right and use minimal packaging on our products.

Use your own bottle

To reduce the use of disposable cups, we provide everyone with a reusable bottle in their induction starter pack to use at work. The less we throw away, the better!

Reuse or recycle

We have a recycling waste collection at all of our sites and split our waste before we bin it.