Great Delivery

Great Delivery

We’re bold, always seeking opportunities and efficiencies for long time financial success

Working in partnership to develop innovative, sustainable opportunities for maximum value within our communities, and to improve our financial resilience for the long term. We’ll continue to seek the most efficient and effective solutions, to ensure maximum surpluses to invest in our future.


Through building mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with our partners and suppliers, we increase our impact in our communities by ensuring funds are kept local, within our communities.

Financially resilient

We bring a balanced approach and commercial focus to support reinvestment into our people, purpose and places. We maintain commercial operating margins that deliver strong returns and strengthen our balance sheet position to offer an exciting investment opportunity for sustainable growth.


Delivering sustainable revenue growth by ensuring we maximise on market growth with innovative new products and services that enable long term financial and social returns.

Invest in our future

We will reinvest all our surpluses back into our people, purpose and places by creating the most efficient, welcoming facilities and innovative community support programmes.