About Us

Good for


Our feel good place to work is founded on strong values, it’s a caring and supportive place – we care about the wellbeing of our people and are proud of our diversity.

Good for


We bring Space to life! We don’t just operate venues, we’re different, we bring spaces to life. This enables us to build our values proposition through the strong brand differentiation of being the most fun, friendly and innovative venues that understand and reflect our local communities.

Good for


We’re bold, always seeking sustainable growth and efficiencies for long term financial success. BPL maximises its share of new and growing health and wellbeing markets. Working in partnership to develop innovative, sustainable opportunities for maximum value within our communities, and to improve our financial resilience for the long term.

Good for

for all

We’re a trusted partner, passionate about making our local communities feel good.

We call our business model A Force For Good as it highlights the infinite nature of our regenerative not-for-profit charity.

Our business model shows how we add value. We’re a people powered organisation and through being Good for Employees, and ensuring that it’s a good thing working for BPL, we know that we will be Good for Customers by bringing our spaces to life.

Through Great Delivery we will ensure sustainable growth and efficiencies are sought to enable long term financial success. By being Regenerative and Distributive by design we can ensure our successes are reinvested back for our purpose, helping people fell good.

Our model is cyclical and depends upon our people to power it. Through our people, we are Good for Customers and find the opportunities to enable Great Delivery. By delivering these we can ensure that we are Good for all our local communities.