BPL Trading Non-Executive Director Recruitment Information

Established in 1999, Barnsley Premier Leisure (BPL) is a charitable trust that now operates twelve venues across Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire and employs over 500 people. Our independence has enabled us to become commercially viable, diversifying our business and developing differentiated brands based on strong values. Today, BPL provides fitness and swimming, golf courses, visitor attractions, catering, and events. This model brings income of £20M and enables reinvestment of over £2.5M per year, enabling us to make more people feel good. 

Our trading company, Barnsley Premier Leisure Trading Limited (BPL Trading), is the commercial arm of our charity. It was set up to trade on behalf of BPL and raise funds for the charity. BPL Trading operates the more commercial elements of our business, such as Hospitality, Food, and Beverage. Surpluses generated in the business are covenanted to the charity. 

We’re a bold, commercially astute, people-powered organisation that creates innovative, fun, and supportive solutions that make people feel good. 

Over the last year, the trustees and non-executive directors of BPL and our partner councils have realised that it is only through greater cooperation that we can maximise our joint impact on improving health inequalities in our communities and developing mutually beneficial asset strategies for our facilities.  

This 2030 strategy looks towards our future trusted partnerships to address these issues and firmly aligns our business strategy with our major local strategies, especially Barnsley 2030 and Bassetlaw Vision 2040. 

BPL is ambitious to become a force for good in our communities, especially by realising our role in improving healthy life expectance. This is a challenge that will require cooperation and needs new innovative health and well-being solutions to be developed and additional capacity also created. Demand for health and fitness is also expected to increase significantly by 2030, and BPL has ambitions to capitalise on this opportunity by seeking capital investment to enable our continued growth while also helping to address the dilapidation and carbon wastefulness of our existing facilities. We currently produce over 2,000 tonnes of Co2e per year and will need to reduce this consumption to significantly meet our net zero targets. 

To achieve these ambitions, we must continue to improve our ability to be bold and adapt quickly. This will only come through our people. BPL has already made great strides in becoming a people-powered organisation with strong values aligned with our brands, and it is through our people that we will be able to deliver our ambitions. 

A true trusted partnership approach will help develop an unrivalled collaborative advantage that is regenerative and distributive, keeping funds locally for reinvestment towards a better future.  

BPL wants to be a bold, trusted partner that creates innovative, fun, and supportive solutions and adds value by bringing spaces to life with our new clear purpose of “Helping people feel good.” 

We’re a people-powered organisation that adds value by bringing spaces to life through our talented team of employees, living our three values every day. 

Our business model shows how we add value. We’re a people-powered organisation, and through being Good for Employees and ensuring that it’s a good thing working for BPL, we know that we will be Good for Customers by bringing our spaces to life. Through Great Delivery, we will ensure sustainable growth and efficiencies are sought to enable long-term financial success. By being regenerative and distributive by design, we can ensure our successes are reinvested back for our purpose of helping people feel good.  

To ensure that we stay on track to achieving our strategy, our Trustees, Directors, and Executive team have developed a series of key measures. These measures give us a balanced outlook of the organisation’s performance and help guide our future decision-making. Progress on our measures is made quarterly.

The Trading Board seeks new people who can provide strategic advice, support, and industry expertise to lead discussions, empower decision-making, and drive new initiatives. We are seeking to appoint Non-Executive Directors based on their experience and skills with one or more of the following:

We are also looking for this with Commercial Business Acumen in the areas of Hospitality, Events and Catering.

CompanyBarnsley Premier Leisure Trading Limited
RoleNon-Executive Director
Company HQMetrodome Leisure Complex, Queens Ground, Queens Road, Barnsley S71 1AN
Board Meeting LocationsMetrodome Boardroom or BPL Head Office (Barnsley) 
Terms of OfficeThree Years
Meetings & Accompanying WorkBoard Meetings for Non-Executive Directors take place on a bi-monthly, usually between the hours of 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
RemunerationTravel Expenses will be paid
Barnsley Premier Leisure Trading Limited Company Registration Number: 3779648 (meet bi-monthly)

BPL Officers: CEO, Head of Operations, Head of Finance, and other members of SLT on an ad hoc basis.

BPL Officers: CEO, Head of Operations, Head of Finance, and other members of SLT on ad hoc basis.

We want to create an open and transparent application process. 

The following pages outline the role description. However, although this is a guideline of what board duties are, we welcome people who will bring their experience and knowledge and share this with us. 

To apply, please submit your letter of application and CV by clicking on the following link: Work for us – Barnsley Premier Leisure (bpl.org.uk)

In your application, please outline how you meet the role description below, provide details of your current career and relevant experience, and explain why you want to work for Barnsley Premier Leisure. 

Colleagues from the BPL Trading Board, and the BPL CEO, and overseen by the Company Secretary / Head of Human Resources, will shortlist applicants against the outlined role description. 

Colleagues will invite the shortlisted candidate(s) to an in-person discussion at a time and date that suits the applicant. 

Following those discussions, the BPL Trading Board Chair will recommend the candidate(s) for approval and appointment to the Trading Board and formally invite them to join the Barnsley Premier Leisure Trust Board. 

The deadline for receiving applications is Monday, 24 June 2024

For further information or for an informal discussion with Steve Lodge, Company Secretary, please click here: https://forms.office.com/r/ypm3XNfNg0  to add your contact details. The Company Secretary will arrange a time for a telephone or Teams call with you.

More information about BPL can be found on the website at https://www.bpl.org.uk

Volunteer Non-Executive Director                

As a member of the BPL Trading Board, you will be responsible for overseeing the operation of all BPL Trading Services, ensuring that we meet our charitable obligations, and contributing to the business’s success.

As a Non-Executive Director, you must be able to attend bi-monthly board meetings and contribute to the group through your knowledge of the leisure industry or other commercial organisations. You must maximise the opportunities available to ensure the ongoing success of BPL.

Use your extensive networking experience with local and regional organisations and businesses to make contact and promote what we offer as a company to the region.

Ensure that BPL Trading complies with its governing documents, company laws, and any other relevant legislation or regulations.

Ensure that BPL Trading pursues its objects as defined in its governing document.

Ensure that BPL Trading applies its resources exclusively to achieving its objectives of maximising returns for the parent charity, BPL. 

Through your previous experiences working at a strategic level, contribute actively to the BPL Trading Board in giving firm strategic direction, setting overall policy, defining goals, setting targets, and evaluating performance against agreed-upon targets.

Safeguard the good name and values of the company.

From experience of understanding financial management procedures and budgetary control, ensure the financial stability of BPL.

As a Non-Executive Director, you should use any specific skill, knowledge, or experience to help the board of trustees reach sound decisions. This may involve scrutinising board papers, leading discussions, focusing on key issues, providing advice and guidance on new initiatives, or other issues on which a trustee has special expertise.